7 tips on how to grow your YouTube Channel.

Everyone wants to grow his or her influence on YouTube mostly for business purposes. But how is this possible to grow your influence from scratch with zero subscribers.

We are going to be looking at 7 tips on how to grow your audience and the biggest reasons why some channels are not growing.

  • Starting before you are ready:

It’s so important for you not to wait for all the answers you need before going into having your very own YouTube channel. You need to make your video to make sure there is something for people to subscribe to.

You need to learn how to make compelling content that will make people want to visit your channel. Bear in mind that your first videos are going to be your worst videos. But it is awesome because you’re on your journey to learning YouTube.

  • Share your Channel:

Always tell people about your channel. Your family, friends, colleagues because they tend to be your best supporters when you are starting.

You might have over 100 people as friends on your Facebook, which will also be the perfect people to be your first subscriber when you’re starting.

Put some passion into it, share on social media always and all the time. Let the world know you are posting YouTube videos.

Another example is going to clubs, events and even where you go shopping. For instance, am YouTubing about food and I head over to a Super-Market then meet the clerk and tell him about my channel and I was making a video of it. And they like “Wow that’s so interesting let me go check it out”.

Often time physically, in front of you in the places where your contents make sense could be your first subscribers.

  • Focus on a niche;

You have to understand that focusing on a niche is a lot more powerful than having a general channel.

The reality of it is if you try to reach out to everybody you will end up not reaching anybody. So it is good to know who is your target audience and what are they interested in.

If it is a comedy channel you will only have people interested in comedy coming to your channel. Others that are not interested in comedy won’t care. But that’s good! Start small in other to get big although it will take time.

You will also have to ask yourself the following;

  • Why will people be interested in my content?
  • What value would it have to a specific audience?
  • And what is your value proposition to that audience?

For example; You have a cooking channel, you have to deliver a valuable cooking tutorial to your audience.

Now the mistake also of people make is trying to emulate some of today’s famous YouTubers and creators who have been around for a very long time and have millions of subscribers failing to understand that it is hard to be them right away.

I recommend you stick to a specific and unique content you are best at because it is going to be the easiest and fastest ways of getting new subscribers.

This is so important to do and remember do always after your upload.

Go to other people’s YouTube videos that are similar to yours and vibe. Comment, reply, answer questions. By doing these people are going to be interested in what you about and also try to support you also and you get new subscribers. That is why it also very important you focus on a niche.

Always avoid a straight-up “Subscribe to my channel” or “Subscribe and I subscribe back”.

  • 4. Focus on the fundamentals

This reminds me of a quote from Michael Jordan himself which says;

“Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.”

This applies to every industry including Youtube. You have to make sure you are doing the basic things like focusing on a good title, Tagging your videos. A lot of people neglect the tagging aspect thereby not letting youtube know properly what is inside of their content.

To be successful, you need to follow the basics and there is a lot to learn. Even YouTube has also put together something that can help you study and understand the basics of just to The Youtube Creator academy.  

  • Content is King.

Aside from following all the basics and fundamentals, content is one of the most powerful tools to use on YouTube. You need to add value to your content.

Your content should be able to satisfy and solve whatever your audience is looking for.

So at the end of the day, success on YouTube depends on Consistent, Strategic, Quality content. So before you make your video, make a lot of research, find out what others are not doing, come up with better ideas and make your content better and richer.

  • Create searchable Content.

When you are starting from scratch, think of making searchable content. Youtube is the second most popular search engine in the world.

So if someone types in something they are interested in and they are trying to learn about makeup or hairdressing what every the topic is, you want your videos to show up at the top which implies that your videos must be ranking.

When you do that it can make your channel grow when there are hardly people watching or when you haven’t gotten discovered yet. And actually, if you want to learn more about what you can go to It is a free master class that will go a long way in helping you because they go a lot deeper into the topic.


I know the struggle is real and you might be hitting some challenges and you will be wondering why people are not watching your videos and not subscribing to your channel.

Well, one of the biggest reasons for that is because you are not following the basics as written above. Your content is not interesting and compelling enough, it is not actually doing something positive for somebody’s life.

Ask yourself;

  • What channels do you watch
  • Why do you watch those videos
  • Why do you subscribe to other channels

Those are things you need to ask yourself for your content because if you don’t, you might be post 100s of videos and not getting the subscribers at all.

Lastly, always bear in mind to be patient you know, great things take time and a lot of work.

Pace yourself, be patient, keep learning and keep uploading, you will grow.



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