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DDR5 seems to be the next big improvement in the PC industry. But is it really worth it? Do we really need DDR5? Is it going to be better than DDR4? News of DDR5 has been around for quite a while but we are yet to see a launch for the consumer market.


Screenshot 2020 01 30 DDR 5 DDR 4 We Hardly Knew Ye


Developers are promising DDR5 and have been quoted that the latest RAM modules will have twice the performance of today’s DDR4-3200 RAM.

Well, in a nutshell, the DDR5 design promises to hit shelves with double the density and double the speed of 1st gen DDR4-3200 modules. That basically means, where DDR4 maxes out at 16GB per stick, DDR5 will be able to accommodate 32GB in the same space. The DDR5 modules draw less power and are more power-efficient so more can be run for less.

Furthermore, we believe that DDR5 will be able to reach at least 6400Mhz in consumer options. However, if DDR4 is anything to go off, we will definitely see much higher speeds thanks to overclocking. This will naturally be a perfect fit for AMD APUs and CPUs as they perform better on higher speed memory. LPDDR5 will also be coming out for top of the line smartphones and other devices. There have also been rumors of DDR5 in consumer laptops.


In conclusion, I say yes, we really do need DDR5 Ram.DDR5 seems to be everything we expect it to be. These modules are mostly targeted for server machines. There is a catch however, this new DDR5 module will require a change of motherboards and processors that are capable of taking advantage of their high speed. The good thing is that DDR4 modules will become cheaper, which brings benefits to the consumer market.

Are you willing to upgrade or will you settle with DDR4? Let us know in the comments.





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