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Ever since the occurrence of the novel Corona virus, people have been forced to observe social distancing. Schools and businesses shut down, countries are in lockdown. It is this situation that has given video conferencing apps like Zoom, FaceTime, Skype etc a boost in popularity. Companies use them for working at home while schools use them for online video classes. In such an advanced time where almost everyone has a personal computer or smartphone, using these apps is a very brilliant idea. Also, people worldwide use these apps to communicate with each other. A most welcome idea looking at the situation we’re in. Most devices nowadays are capable of taking decent videos with good sound quality.In addition, these apps have very friendly UI which explains why they’ve seen such a boost. Based on trends, Zoom is the current leader of the video conferencing app gang surpassing its old download rates by over 20 times worldwide.


video conferencing

The pressing need to communicate is what drives social media onward irrespective of few negative comments. Luckily times like these help people remember the basic aim of technology-aiding and making like better. For more posts, click here.



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