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As the Coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the country, The Taraba state government is not leaving any stone unturned in its quest to avoid the spread in the state as the state begins total lockdown preceded by the shutting down of markets and worship centers.

As the lockdown takes effect compliance by motorist is observed as enforcement team deployed to stop the movement of vehicles. Only those with essential services were allowed to pass through.

However, it was a tough battle for some residents as they are made to trek long distances. Some streets showed total compliance to the lockdown as some of the shops remained under lock and key except for those selling food items and trucks conveying petroleum products.

While some residents said they are aware of the announcement to stock foodstuff ahead of the lockdown, others claimed ignorance.

Some people expressed how terrible they felt because they only survive by going out to do their business and find what to eat.

It has also been stated that 250 personnel which includes medical and disaster management staff have been deployed across the 16 local government in Taraba state.

Although there is no confirmed case of the coronavirus in Taraba state, the need to stay alert is the best way out.





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