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Android devices come packed with a lot of features. These features bring a lot of functionality to phones. Most people don’t know these features exist and end up missing them. We’ll be going over a few selected top features that are available on android and can be used right now!


This is simply dividing the screen between two split screen

This is a basic feature and it is done by simply minimizing an app and dragging it to the top of the screen. It is done by long-pressing the button used for minimization, a box-like outline appear will appear, then drop the app press the home button and click the second app you want. There is now a drag-able line in between the apps and it can be used to set how much of screen space an app uses. This improves multitasking between apps and is just a great feature either way.


Ever thought of unlocking your phone faster. Android has already given you the way to do it. With the smart lock, you can use facial recognition, fingerprint or even voice recognition to unlock your phone. There are also other sweet features like your device remaining unlocked at a particular location or near a particular device or while it’s even on your body!

smart lock

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This setting can be found in the settings app under the security tab. So play around with them and see which one works for you. This feature is not available on all android devices however and only those with recent Android operating systems (6.1 and above) may be able to get them.


There are hidden features on most Android devices and they are targeted towards developers and those who want more out of their android devices. Some of them are quite risky and should be properly researched before used.

developer options

Go to Settings>System…………… Then keep tapping on the build number option and it will unlock the developer options. These hidden features can then be accessed from the Developer options tab.


Who doesn’t want dark mode these days? While older android versions don’t have an android dark mode, there are apps that offer them like the “Dark Mode” app that can be downloaded from Playstore. Android versions from 7.1 up-to 10, however, have support for dark mode.

To enable this mode;

  1. Update all apps capable of having dark mode( all google apps).
  2. Go to Settings>Display>Night mode

If the above was not available, go to an android app like Google Contacts or the Phone app, click the settings in the app, go to display options and click the dark mode settings and voila!


Android now includes an option for their “nightwalkers”. This option is to protect the user’s eyes from harmful blue light that causes insomnia. On most phones, it can be accessed from the drop-down notification bar. While on some phones, it is in Settings>Display. From the display settings in the most phone, the intensity of the filter can be set depending on the user’s preferences.

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eye care mode on android

Also if this feature is not available on your device, there are apps like “Night Mode” that can also be installed from Playstore to provide such features.


Android phones support this feature though you may not be aware of it. If you want to save your device battery through the night, you can safely turn off your phone without affecting your morning alarm.secret alarm feature Set your alarms normally and switch your phone off. If the battery isn’t drained out, it will switch on a minute or so before the alarm rings. It will ring just as a normal alarm would!

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NB: Most of these features apply to devices with an android version of 8 and above but if you have an older device, it’s still worth giving them a shot.

Got a question or you want to drop a suggestion? Hit us in the comments box. We always love to hear from you guys, it gives us the motivation to write more awesome posts.



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