Top 5 best Video Editing Software.

In this post, I would be talking about the Top 5 best video editing software. And I will be segmenting then in different categories such as;

  • The Best for Beginners
  • Best for Macs
  • The Best for Special Effects
  • Best Value
  • The best Overall.

This would be very useful for those of us that create videos for Youtube, or any post-production projects.

Getting Started;

Best For Beginners. 

In the first category, I will be showing the best that are great for beginners.

  • Adobe Premiere Element:-

best Video Editing Softwares.

It’s not as featured-packed as Adobe Premiere Pro, but a very great place to start for a beginner looking for professional-quality results.

Screenshot 128

It includes a lot of cool features including face detection, transition, and soundtracks for your videos are all included.

Screenshot 129

The website has excellent tutorials videos that would help me get started along with step by step guide.

Screenshot 130

On like most Adobe software, it is available at a one time purchase without any reoccurring cost.

If you decide to upgrade to the new versions when it’s released, which is not mandatory there is has an upgrade cost if not, keep using the version you paid for at no additional cost.

 best Video Editing Softwares.

Adobe premier element is available for, both Windows and Mac.

  • VideoStudio Ultimate:-

best Video Editing Softwares.

This is the second video editor we recommend for beginners although it is not as beginner oriented as Element Premier.

But those offers a world design interface that is more user-friendly than most video editing software.

Screenshot 133 Screenshot 128








Some of its features include multi-camp editing, motion tracking, various transitions and easy to use templates.

Screenshot 143

It offers support for 4k ultra HD, 360 degrees VR video, and includes more than 2000 filters and effects.

Screenshot 144

There are useful audio tools included, and you can also gain access to a royalty-free music library.

Video Editing Software

If you need help using Video studio, they offer user guides, how-to and video tutorials on their site.

VideoStudio is available for Windows 7, 8, 10 and cost around $80.

Best for Mac.

  • Final Cut Pro X:-

If you are a mac owner then the final cut pro x is just what you need. It is easy to use and has loads of features.

Some of those features include;

  • Multicam
  • Video Noise Reduction
  • Motion and Compression
  • And has the ability to work with third-party extensions.

Video Editing Software

Video Editing Software

final cut pro x is available on the Mac App Store for around $300.

video editing

Best Special Effects.

  • Hit Film Pro:-

Video Editing Software

If creating an amazing special effect for your projects is your number one priority then the is just the tool for you to use.

It has a powerful special effect creator built into the program with more than 800 effects.

They are tools for audio editing, color grading, and animations. It also supports custom 3D models, custom lining and shadows.

Hit film pro supports resolutions of up to 8k and available from Windows 8 to 10 and Mac OS.

It cost about $300 and can be run on three computers at the same time and includes 12 months of software updates and technical support.

Best Value.

  • Studio Ultimate:-

video editing software

If you’re looking for the best overall value that will be had to beat, then I recommend Studio Ultimate. Not only is it a professional quality video editor, but it also includes a screen recorder as part of its package for around $110.

Video Editing Software

It offers support up to 4k and for 360 degrees video. It includes more than 2000 filters and effects.

Screenshot 162

Some of its features include motion tracking, MultiCam editing video mask, and video overlay.

Video Editing Software

Included to studio ultimate, is also an Audio library of royalty-free music.

video editing

Studio ultimate is available for Windows 7, 8, 10.

Best Overall Video Editing Software Using The Subscription Model.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro:-

Screenshot 167

I recommend Adobe Premiere Pro as the best video editing software you should subscribe to. It has been the industry’s leading for many years and it is a popular choice for YouTubers, TV editors, Filmmakers, and Videographers.

Video Editing Software

It can handle just about any file format, supports virtual reality video, HDR and 8k footage in its native format.

Some of its notable features include dozens of transition effects, Multicam editing, and supports for an unlimited amount of video tracks.

Video Editing Software

If you are new to Premiere Pro, on there learn and support page you will find lots of helpful tutorials that will help you get started.

Video Editing Software

It is available for both Windows and Mac Operating System with a plan starting from around $21 per month.

Best Overall Video Editing Software Using License One-Time Fee.

  • Devinci Resolve Studio:-

Video Editing Software

It has a free version and a Premium version. The premium version has just about every feature you will ever need and support for 8k editing.

Video Editing Software

The software is also popularly used by filmmakers.

Screenshot 174

A few of the notable projects include John Wick 3 – Parabellum, Ad Astra, Men in Black International.

Unlike all the other video software the Davinci Resolve Studio is available on Windows, Mac and Linux Operating System.

Screenshot 175

Davinci Resolve Studio with all of its features and tools included with faster video rendering is available for $299.

Video Editing Software

Just in case you do not know, they also sell a hardware control panel that will give more control editing than with a standard keyboard and mouse.

Video Editing Software

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