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Reno Omokri backs up the Ministry Of Finance, Budget and Planning for begging the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk for ventilators to treat the Coronavirus.

Elon Musk on the other hand tweeted out earlier saying he has ventilators to donate to hospitals Globally and the official twitter of account of Nigeria’s Ministry Of Finance responded, requesting for the Ventilators.

A lot of Nigerian saw this and said it was not appropriate.

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However, Reno thinks the action taken by the Nigerian Ministry of Finance was not wrong.

Reacting to it, he said there is no problem with the Ministry Of Finance begging for Ventilator to treat Coronavirus victims as no Nation prepared for the Virus.

He also stated that the Ministry is only trying to  save lives by all means necessary. And said that the New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo begged for Ventilators on TV and it’s not a disgrace to save lives.

reno omokri backs up ministry finance



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