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2020 has been an exciting year so far. It has been a very promising year as we have seen so many tops of the line tech innovations. Companies have really been putting a lot of effort into better products this year. We’ve had new technological innovations in almost every part of human life.

Looking back to like 3 years ago, but now we have seen plenty of improvements like the newer performance chips from both Intel and AMD, 5G networks, Game streaming, Ray-Tracing, and an increase in Artificial Intelligence of course. Most of the products discusssed in this posts were announced at CES and some came a little bit later. We have reviews and posts on most of these products but we’ll leave a highlight of the top we think are worthy of a mention;

POCO X2: This is targeted at the budget market. It wasn’t what we expected in terms of specs and performance but it had a really attractive price point.

pocophone with packGalaxy Z-Flip: Another foldable device from Samsung. The second generation of foldable devices was seen this year and they show a lot of promise. As flagships, they delivered as expected.

Samsung Galaxy Z flip

Galaxy S20 Ultra: Personally I don’t really see the need for this device as the S10 was already good enough. It seems Samsung isn’t done yet and has fixed almost everything wrong with the S10 on this phone.

s20 ultra

There were also leaks of an iPhone SE 2

5G: 5G wasn’t released this year, but it is gradually catching fire and many devices are now adding support for 5G. 5G holds a lot of promise for online gaming and even gaming streaming.


Game Streaming: this was also not launched this year, it has been around for a while. In 2020 we are finally seeing devices and technology that are able to handle game streaming at an enjoyable rate. We have some like the Google Stadia and GeForce Now that is ready for consumer use.

stadia vs geforce now


PC-Wise: on the PC side of things, we have seen a lot of devices and accessories launched. AMD released new 4000 Series CPUs for laptops and Intel are also dropping their new 10th Generation of CPUs gradually. We are still waiting for the launch of the new Intel GPU and Nvidia’s 30′ Series of GPUs. We are also waiting to see the set of new NAVI series of GPU from AMD. There was also the launch of the Razer Tomahawk N1 which brought the PC form to a very small factor.

Razer Tomahawk

Consoles: We are also going to see the launch of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X set of consoles. This time around it is going to be more exciting as these consoles plan to add features like ray-tracing which are only found in high-end PCs. We also saw the Alienware Concept UFO which is basically a handheld PC that performs like an entry-level laptop.

Alienware Concept UFO controller 750x422 1

There is also a growth in Artificial Intelligence and we expect to see more from self-driving cars and others.

In conclusion, we have seen a lot of technological innovations in 2020 and we are yet to see more. What do you want to see the most this 2020? Let us know in the comments, cus’ who knows, we can make your dream device happen😎😏.




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