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First of all, the $9 Leehur V8 is a smartwatch, but do not underrate it immediately due to the price as it can do something more amazing than just display time.

It’s no secret to those who have been using the Leehur V8 for a while to what it can do although it has some limitations you have to recognize.

Yeah… I know you will be wondering now “Can it be used to make a call?” Well, yes it can definitely be used to make calls. As long as you have a compatible 2G-SIM card, all you need do it dial-up directly from its tiny screen and make calls using the onboard microphone and speaker.

The device also has Bluetooth functionality that works perfectly as long as it is paired to a device. The pairing can be done swiftly and straightforward.

Factors to consider when choosing a Smartphone.

Although it has a camera, the experience it gives while doing video calls on Whatsapp is too slow and doesn’t give a satisfactory experience.

One of it’s weakest points is its battery life as it can only last a day and can only last two days if its on standby. It has a rubber flap that covers the micro-USB port used for charging.

Three watch screens are available; long-press the capacitive display (which is non-oleophobic by the way) to swap them. The V8 is available in blue, red, white and black color schemes.

It also has a web browser although it is very difficult to operate, especially if you have a fat finger. Its camera is very good at the day, but only take shots in one direction. The Leehur V8 also has a Facebook and Twitter app as well.

All in all, the Leehur V8 is an impulse buy made for the novelty factor. Don’t expect to use it for anything other than a dinner party conversation piece.

You can get the Leehur V8 online at Gearbest at $8.99 View deal.

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