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AI chip: Artificial intelligence to start making other AI chips.

Artificial Intelligence is set to make the next set of AI chips. Yes, you saw it right. Google has seemingly

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Can 5G cause Coronavirus? Experts give their take on the issue

Far fetched rumors about 5G have been circulating the net for some days now. But is it true that can 5G can cause Corona virus? Get your answer here.

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5G Masts Set On Fire In UK Over Alleged Link With Coronavirus

5G masts are being set ablaze in the UK after there was an online conspiracy theory linking the towers to

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Video conferencing apps experience surge in popularity

Video conferencing has been around for a while. However, it is getting popular now due to the worldwide shutdown caused by Covid-19. Here’s a rundown of things and the most popular apps

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DoS attacks will still be present with 5G

5G is a revolutionary thing. With it comes faster and better connectivity. However DoS attacks still pose a threat to this new invention. We had all hoped for otherwise but it seems we’re stuff with the problem.

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Apple Might Resurrect Its Air Power Wireless Charger

Apple is looking forward to resurrecting its cancelled Air Power wireless charger project. The project was cancelled almost a year

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4 ways to prevent coronavirus phishing and malware attacks

Unfortunately, the widespread of the Coronavirus is definitely a thing of concern. It is also very bad that Cyber Criminals

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Huawei P40 leaks include a new P40 Pro Plus 5G

Even during the Coronavirus pandemic, lots of companies all over the world continues to operate as usual. Tech industries are

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Smartphones and Gadgets are potential means of transmitting Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is spreading like a wild fire across the globe and people have been advised to keep social distance

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How to track the Coronavirus spread across the world as cases top 270,000

The deadly Coronavirus continually spreads across the world. An online dashboard in form of a map has been made by