T-Mobile flips the switch on 5G – Here’s what you need to know.

Congratulations, as T-mobile’s 5G, can now be accessed nationwide for those that are T-Mobile users.

After the previous low-speed version 5G from T-Mobile that was inaccessible within Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Speculations going around a lot from Verizon and Sprint, also delivering their users with their own 5G. However, T-Mobile 5G is limited to a few cities in the world as they are looking up to rolling it out on a larger scale.

  • But what does 5G offer T-Mobile users?.
  • What plans and phones are available with 5G?

Well, for of you that are interested in knowing what 5G is all about, let’s find out.

What T-Mobile customers need to know about the 5G launch and Coverage.

t-mobile 5g coverage area

What are the specifications of T-Mobile’s 5G?

T-Mobile’s 5G is using a 600 MHz airwave band that is slightly slow-to-connect than other 5G connections offered by other providers. However, that can be chalked up to the widespread layout of the network. When it comes to the actual speeds, Fortune found that it is 20% faster than 4G networks.

How many people will have access to 5G?

Over 200M users will be able to access the 5G data in nearly 5,000 cities. There is an official map of T-Mobile’s 5G coverage with an option to see if your city is available.

What phones are compatible?

Currently, the phones that can access 5G are the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ and the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren. T-Mobile plans is to sell additional phones that will work with the network sometime next year.

What T-Mobile plans have 5G?

The network is available to all of T-Mobile’s customers as long as they have a compatible phone without any additional charges to their bill.

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