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Security is very important for PC users to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your personal stuff. It is always advisable to make you a password on your PC to avoid unauthorized penetration.

But then when you always have to be inserting your own password any time you restart your PC can be a little bit stressful in as much as you are trying to secure your privacy. That is why it is has been made possible for you to disable windows login password and lock screen.

In order to execute this, first of all, you need to log on to your Computer (For those that have their PC password protected).

When logged on successfully, head over to Start Menu and type in User Account.

In your results, move over to Add, Edit or Remove Other Users

Now click on Sign-in options and on the right side you will see “Require Sign-in”.

move on the drop-down menu and choose Never.

Once you’ve done that you can close down the settings window, and move over to the Start-up menu again and search for Netplwiz. On the results, Netplwiz will be displayed click on it to run command.

Uncheck the box where you see User must enter username and password to uses this computer and to change the password and other settings and click on the Apply button below.

After clicking apply you will have to successfully complete the process by giving your computer password and click on Ok

With all being done correctly Restart your computer and you will automatically Signed-in without a password.




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