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SSDs are now a major system requirement in 2020. They make everything faster from boot time to game load times, web browsing and transfer rates of course. What makes them so fast? Are they really better than the traditional spinning Hard Drives?

What Are SSDs?

SSDs are made up of flash chips that store data and this chips are all accessible at the same time making them more efficient than HDDs. Traditional HDDs have to spin to where the information is located on the disk but SSDs just access it directly.

samsung SSD

SSDs have a lot of advantages over normal traditional spinning drives;

No Spinning parts

SSDs have no spinning part and no mechanical part either. If you were to open up an SSD, it’d just be a board with memory chips soldered unto it.


SSDs are crazy fast when compared to HDDs. They run at insane transfer speeds with some reaching up to a 1GB/s


SSDs are very reliable as they don’t get fragmented as HDDs do. There is a lower rate of failure since it doesn’t have moving parts that can malfunction.

Longer Lifespan

SSDs generally have a longer lifespan based on their rating with some reaching up to 700TB writes.

Mobility, Size, And Design

SSDs have a better design and are more portable. They come in various forms with various connectors to offer the best possible usage. They also come in various sizes with some being small enough to be carried about.

Types Of SSD

SSDs come in various sizes and shapes and these affect their performance and usability.


This was the latest improvement in the HDD connector and it works with both HDD and SSD. Unfortunately, this is the slowest form of SSD as it uses the old AHCI interface that was built for HDDs, and they are automatically capped at 600MB/s. It involves a SATA cable which connects from the drive to the motherboard and this adds clutter.

sata ssd


PCI express are mostly used in graphic card connection and they provide the highest performance. The latest generation, PCIe 4.0 first introduced in AMD motherboards can deliver read speeds of up to 5,000MBps and write speeds of up tp 4,400MBps. Their prices as expected are higher than that of SATA drives, but its really worth it.



These are the smallest of SATA designs, M.2 drives can use either SATA or NVMe controllers , these can be a little bit confusing and can result in varying speeds. M.2 drives have a short pin connector and naturally lie flat on the motherboard. Their small nature can make them get hot easily, so they usually have heatsinks and heatspreaders like RAM.

NVMem.2 ssd


Non-Volatile Memory Express(NVMe), is the new interface that allows most PCIe and M.2 SSDs to communicate to the host system. When this interface is used with these connectors, it provides the best speed capabilities.

In cocnclusion, SSDs have a high advantage above normal HDDs. They perform a whole lot better than HDD even though they are a bit pricey. In 2020 we are to see SSD prices drop a whole lot and even faster SSDs being launched. What do you think about SSDs, let us know in the comments as we always love to hear from you guys. Peace.





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