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Today, I am going to be showing you an SEO free tool that will catapult your website ranking. This free tool is called Ubersuggest.

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How to do an SEO audit with UberSuggest.

UberSuggest by Neil Patel is one of the most effective tools to work with if you really want to boost your website’s SEO and maintain consistent visitors to your website.

You can enter may be a keyword or a domain (your domain name).

For example, if you type in a domain on ubersuggest, it gives you an overview on;

  1. Organic keywords that the domain is ranking for.
  2. Organic monthly traffic.
  3. Domain Scores.
  4. Backlinks

With uberSuggest, you can also see your top pages by countries rather than guessing your tops pages yourself that is bringing you the most visitors and also backlinks that those pages have.

So, if you are able to know the pages that have a lot of backlinks, you could actually write similar content and it will bring you a huge amount of traffic and more backlinks.

  • SEO Keyword

Another thing you need to take note of is the SEO Keyword.

The SEO keywords show you the top keywords you are ranking for by country. It gives you the;

  1. Search Volume,
  2. Position,
  3. Estimated traffic.

So, for example, you might see one of your top keywords and observe that you are not in position one for it but it is fetching you enough traffic you can write more contents related to that keyword so are to try and rank number one or at least try and rank higher than you currently are.

  • Generate Content Ideas

You could also Generate Content Ideas with UberSuggest. It gives you different content ideas that you can utilize that are currently being successful you can see how many backlinks and estimated traffic those content ideas are getting.

Using UberSuggest is one of the easiest ways you can analyze your site and know what is happening.

  • Generate Keywords Ideas

You can also Generate Keywords Ideas by typing in your domain name or keyword and ubersuggest will generate keywords that you can potentially use as a keyword strategy.

You can also check out your site Audit and it will give you’re a formal overview of how your website is performing like;

  1. Site loaded time
  2. Top SEO issues
  3. Crawled page.
  • Backlinks Section.

In the backlink section, you will be able to get a deeper dive and analysis of the backlinks that are coming to your website.

You able to see the following;

  1. The source page title and URL | Target page.
  2. Domain Score
  3. Page Score
  4. Link Type
  5. Anchor Text
  6. First Seen and Last Seen

I highly recommend that you work with UberSuggest as it can also be used to spy on your competitors and know what they are doing to excel.

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