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A lot of people have been waiting and have been expecting Samsung to reveal a much-rumored foldable device. The Galaxy Z flip was to be unpacked on the 11th of February 2020. The huge Korean Tech Company decided to tease us by fully revealing the device in a commercial during the Oscars 2020 Academy Awards.

Although, the Samsung S20 phones were also expected to be announced with the Galaxy Z flip. The advert revealed the Samsung Galaxy Z flip on a table, making a 90-degree angle on its own. This new feature will allow users to enjoy having video chats and also have a handsfree view of themselves.

As pointed out by The Verge, the small print is displayed during the commercial informing viewers that they “may notice a small crease in the center of the main screen, which is a natural characteristic of the screen.”

The $9 Leehur V8 Smartwatch claims the crown for the cheapest phone.

The advert also reveals two different colors of the device – purple and black.

The advert also offered a look at the Galaxy Z Flip’s small outer touch display which sits next to the device’s dual camera and revealed an incoming call that can be interacted with directly. We presume notifications will also be shown on this smaller screen.

Samsung is always known for going big during the Oscars Academy Awards and has kept its streak going on this year.

2020: Most technologies to expect.

Pricing and Availability

It hasn’t been revealed yet but it much expected that all would be revealed during the Samsung’s unpacked 2020 event.




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