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The Novel Coronavirus has done more harm than good all over the world. It has put a lot of casual activities to a stop.

It has affected Businesses, Schools, Churches, Mosques, and lots of other activities.

However, Some of the lockdown directives are being eased in some parts of the states in Nigeria despite the massive spread of the Coronavirus daily.

Yesterday, Nigeria had recorded 245 new cases of Coronavirus making it a total of 7261.

The Federal Government has ordered the reopening of Churches and all other religious activities and Rumors has started circulating that Schools are to follow suit in Two weeks’ time.

Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba who is the Minister of State for Education has reacted to the speculations going around. He also revealed plans of reopening of Schools are being made by the Federal Government already but it wouldn’t be in two weeks time yet.

During the Daily Presidential Taskforce briefing on Thursdays, Nwajiuba mentioned that the Federal Government has not fixed an exact date for when school will be open just yet.

He thereby advised the general public to shun all misleading news going round especially on social media and wait to get legitimate information from the Federal Government. 


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