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At CES 2020, Razer unveiled its first gaming desktop PC. Razer is a top company when it comes to gaming technologies ranging from their keyboards, mouse, headsets and their top of the line gaming laptop series. This is the first time that Razer will actually be selling its own gaming desktop PC.

  What Makes The Tomahawk Special??

Well, its size. The Razer Tomahawk comes in a very compact and small case and the whole concept revolves around Intel’s NUC concept. Intel NUCs(Next Unit Of Computing) are basically small form-factored PCs with Intel processors. The NUC in the Razer Tomahawk is the NUC 9 Extreme and it is the first to support a full desktop graphics card due to the PCIe x16 slot on it, and it also comes with an unlocked Intel Core i9.assembler

The NUC is basically a laptop motherboard with its processor on a card that connects to a PCIe port. So basically, the Tomahawk is made up of :

  • A baseboard that holds everything
  • An Intel NUC(The NUC 9 Extreme to be exact)
  • A GPU
  • Other things like Ram and Storage..
tomahawk3 640x353 1

The Tomahawk doesn’t lack in ports either, as seen above, it has all the ports needed both for professionals, gamers and casual users.


This is a great PC and even greater as it is from Razer, but it might not be for everyone. Since this is coming from Razer, it will definitely have a premium price point. Razer also stated that the case will be available as a single product under the name “Tomahawk N1” and this will let PC builders be able to configure it to their heart’s content.

What do you think about the Tomahawk PC? Let us know in the comments.

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