Placing adverts on Google

Google is a special search engine which was invented by two computer scientists named LARRY PAGE and SERGEY BRIN. This two computer scientist named GOOGLE after GOOGOL. Google terms are those related terms which we might find difficult to get meanings to, when dealing with Google.

When planing on placing an adverts on Google words or acronym we meet in either use GOOGLE ADSENCE, GOOGLE ADMOB, YOUTUBE, GMAIL ETC. Without knowing full details about this Google terms will make our research to be more stressful.

What Does seo mean?

The Google term seo Also called search engine optimisation.And a ls one thing we must Always be conscious about when planing on placing adverts on Google.This is the process whereby your page visibility is increased on search engines.This can be done with the help of keywords.

Placing advert on Google

What does CPC means?

Cpc or cost per click it is the amount of money an advertiser is willing to pay if his or her ads is clicked.

How does this CPC works?

Cost per click Is Dictated by the Competition of that your chosen keyword. This is a very essential thing to know when placing advert on Google and also its related to other stuffs online.

What is the norm CPC a Google ads?

When placing adverts on Google The average cost on an advertd depends on.the industry of the ads and the approximation on search network its $2.32 But on display networks is $0.58.

What is a Good quality score?

When placing adverts on Google you need to know more of quality score. Good quality score is a metric which google will use to know how important those your placed advert are to the users all over the.

 How do Google calculate CPC?

This is simply done by dividing the rank of the advert by the quality score with an addition of $0.1.

What does CPM means?

CPM is another term you need to know when planing on placing advert on Google.this CPM is based on impression


CPC can be said to be the cost of an advertisement based on the number of clicks it gets.Whereas CPM can be said to be the cost for an advertisement ,based on how the number  impressions it gets.

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