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Pedophile man bags 600 years imprisonment for forcing kids into making pornographic films

A 32-year-old Pedophile man by the name Mattew Miller bags 600 years imprisonment after he would found guilty of forcing kids as young 4 years old into making pornographic films.

According to prosecutors Miller’s acts “robbed children of their childhood.” as he made two kids under five make child porn.

It was also gathered that the Police authorities discovered 102 pornographic photos when they carried out a search warrant.

Miller pled guilty to charges regarding the child porn images in October 2019 after facing 20 counts that were detailed in an indictment.

On Friday, October 2, Chief US District Judge L. Scott Coogler sentenced Miller to 7,200 months or 600 years in prison.

“The crimes for which Miller has admitted guilt are not only disturbing, they are sickening, and his actions robbed these children of their childhood,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Johnnie Sharp said in a statement.

He applauded the sentence, noting “Miller will spend the rest of his natural life behind prison bars.



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