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PayPal is an online payment system which has been in business since July 2007. It has been operating in the European union as a bank. The headquarters of this gateway is located at Singapore. The payment gateway is available in more than 150 countries and regions. It can be used to send and receive money from all parts of the country.

Is paypal safe?

Before anyone would like to make transfers we would love to know if the gateway for the intended transfer is safe. Today we bring to you good news that PayPal is SUPER SAFE AND TRUSTED. transfers done on this gateway passes through thorough check by the PayPal staffs. This is done to know weather the merchant is safe. Most importantly, in times of shipping  goods PayPal always ensures you receive your goods before the money is fully releases to the seller. Therefore in the process of shipping the money is kept on hold. In the sellers PayPal account, Until the receiver receives his or her Goods.

what are Paypal charges?

In every organisation or business they are CHARGES. with the help of those charges income is generated to keep the system running free and smooth. There have been many cases where customers transfer funds using PayPal and they go back to PayPal support to complain that their money fraudulently reduced. BUT THAT ABSOLUTELY WRONG,because during PayPal transfers charges are not deducted from the senders part,instead the charges are deducted when it get to the the receivers PayPal account. But today we are going to tell you about those PayPal charges you need to be aware of.

Normal PayPal charge

if you are a non business organisation using PayPal, you will be charged 2.8 percent of the total funds you are about transferring. And also 30 cents per transaction. But in cases where you run a business which you make transactions of more than $100,000 per month. You can negotiate the rate of Paypal charges with their support. Also PayPal charges a 2.5 percent when a PAYPAL HERE card reader is used to make payments. lastly PayPal charges 2.5 percent of transactions that you converted the currency.

PayPal charges

Paypal card charges

One of the things most people are not aware of when transferring funds from Paypal to bank account using a card is that. Paypal charges $5 fee. This $5 fee is charged no matter how big or small the funds are.

After know about this payment gateway and how safe and easy it is to use you might wanna try it out. If you wish you can create an account HERE.

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