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  •  Brief introduction of OrCam

OrCam is a tech company providing solutions for people with impairments through the use of their wearable assistive AI devices. The company has decided to expand its product catalog with new devices that handle new use scenarios. The company’s most popular device is the OrCam MyEye 2. A tiny  device for the visually impaired meant to be attached to the side of eyeglasses and helps you  navigate the world around.

OrCam was at CES2020 and announced that the MyEye 2 would be getting some new upgrades to its AI. One of which is that the device will be able to guide you. For example, you can ask the device what is infront of you and also for directions to move around.



OrCam product
29 May 2018, Germany, Munich: Ziv Aviram, manager of the electronics manufacturer Orcam, speaking during a press conversation. The finger-sized device “MyEye” unites camera, speakers, and artificial intelligence and reads texts or bank notes recognized through hand signs.
  • New devices from OrCam

OrCam are definitely not stopping with just the MyEye 2 and have thus announced the OrCam Hear for people with hearing impairments. The OrCam Hear pairs with hearing aids via Bluetooth are able to single out which voice you want to hear. It uses lip movement and body gesture to determine whose voice you want to listen to. Let me use a nightclub as an example. Picture yourself in a club surrounded by speakers booming with music. Your friend is infront of you but you are unable to make out what he is saying. Then you put on the Orcam Hear and suddenly you’re able to hear him clearly. This is all thanks to the AI technology that Orcam uses. It works by identifying and singling out someone’s voice from a crowd and transfering their speech to the Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid.

  • Release date and Price of Orcam Hear

The device will be released later in the year but the price has not yet been set.AI technology

  • My opinion on OrCam’s work

According to the WHO, nearly 500 million people worldwide have hearing loss but just around 30% of that number use a hearing aid. Thankfully hearing devices are improving and becoming more smarter and inconspicuous but the prices are still relatively high with some costing thousands of dollars.

OrCam’s work has been instrumental in changing lives and will hopefully start to make cheap devices.

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