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Femi Otedola Buy 3 Ferrari for his daughters in one day

Femi Otedola who is a Nigerian businessman, philanthropist, and former chairman of Forte Oil PLC, an importer of fuel products acquires three Ferrari vehicles with customized plate numbers for his daughters Tolani, Temi, and Florence.

However, this erupted some comments on social media as some users were of the opinion that buying a needless expensive gift in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic when the poor are suffering is totally uncalled for.

Femi Otedola Buys 3 Ferrari for his daughters in one day

Read some of the funny comments as gathered on Twitter by Litifyed.

@Abu_swag “In the middle of a Pandemic when many people are unemployed and currently struggling to survive? Do you know how many families he can lift out of poverty or how many hospitals, schools would be well equipped with this money? Absolute waste of resources!”

@alexlobaloba “While some have said that Otedola lifted lots of people out of poverty in this pandemic. Go & read about the forerunners of CACOVID, see the amount he donated to the initiative. Come back & compare it to the amount he used to buy these ‘toys’ for his kids. Celebrate with them & pray for God’s blessings.”

@judithg60335778 ” God punish poverty and bless me biko”

@Boboye_Ak “One day, she’ll mistakenly splash water on me, she’ll come down to apologize. Then we’ll fall in love against the wishes of her father. But in the end, love will prevail.”

@VictorIsrael_ “The Last time me & my father passed a car shop like this, it wasn’t funny. My body mistakenly hit the car and the car security alarm started making noise, my father started running & was saying “God the child you gave me wants my face to show on Crimefighters. I’m not a thief o”

@dejiimole “Are you looking for a driver or just a wash man? I have a master’s degree in washing cars. I’ve washed over 30 cars across 4 owners. Hire me cuppy !!! I can wash underwear too o as bonus Sleepy face”.

@Mbahdeyforyou “Poverty, it will not be well with you”



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