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With the massive workload being imposed on Nigeria’s healthcare system, certain individuals are only making matters worse. The helpline set up by the Lagos government to receive calls concerning COvid-19 cases has been bombarding with thousands of fake calls. This was disclosed by the commissioner for health Akin Abayomi in a media briefing. According to data provided, the helpline received a total of 38,800 calls between March 16 and April 1. 9% out of it were from people exhibiting symptoms of the virus. 11% were calls pertaining information sabot the virus. The remainders of calls (80%) were all fake/prank calls thy only distracted the operators of the helpline.

NCDC helpline
Chart of NCDC helpline data

This is very saddening news as this will defeat the purpose of the helpline-which is to help the infected. The director general of the NCDC has appealed to all citizens concerning the issue. His advice is for those seeking information to go to their website rather than clogging the NCDC  helpline. He also pleaded for people to stop disturbing the line with unnecessary calls. Nigeria has recorded a total number of 238 case in 14 states and 5 deaths in total. For more posts, click here.



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