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A Nigerian life coach and entrepreneur identified as Dipo Awojide, have expressed his wonder that men are referred to as scum but still fought over.

He noted that he has never seen men fighting over women but that the reverse was common as women warned their fellow women to stay away from their partners.

He concluded that men were not scum as scum did not belong to any gender in particular.

He wrote:

““Men are useless.” “Men are scum.” But everyday someone is marking territory online, getting angry with besties just saying hi to their man or accusing themselves of snatching a whole man that is a scum.

“It’s always ‘leave my man alone.’ I have never seen any man tweet leave my woman alone haha.

“You see, Nigerian men are not useless after all. Because if we were, no woman will be threatening to pour acid on another woman over a useless man. Men are not scum too. Scum has no gender.”

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