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A man has been declared wanted for sexually assaulting his wife and gluing her private part with super glue after accusing her of infidelity on Saturday, May 16.

The police in Tharaka South Sub-County in Kenya said the suspect first persuaded his wife to move from their Marimanti township home, fearing that he would be arrested after having traveled from Nairobi where there is a lockdown.

Approaching Kathiata River, the man threatened to kill his wife and ordered her to strip naked. The wife did not comply with the husband’s request and he started loading her with blows while threatening to stab her with a knife in his hand.

The police read in part;

“They both went and on reaching River Kathita, he ordered her to remove all her clothes so that she may tell him all the men she had slept with while he was at Nairobi.”

Kiprop Rutto who is the Tharaka south police commander reported that the suspect went as far as adding pepper, salt, and onions in his wife’s private part using a knife, before applying superglue mixed with sand to seal it off.

He also used the superglue on her ears and mouth before taking to his heels.

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The woman managed to drag herself to Marimanti Police Station where she reported the hideous act done to her by her own husband.

She was immediately rushed to the hospital where she is being attended to.

Mr. Rutto added that the suspect is a known criminal in the region who is being sought by the police for various crimes.

Police said they have launched a manhunt to seize and charge him in court.

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