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The Lawmakers of Lagos have expressed concern over the increase in trailer-related accidents. News of trailers falling over and killing people is beginning to become very coming in Lagos. The chairman of the committee, Mr.Temitope Adewale made public his worry in an interview with the NAN. “It bothers us when we have accidents involving trucks and tankers in the state, making us lose lives unnecessarily. Containers falling off trucks and killing innocent people cannot continue in the state. These things bother us and there is need to work on them.”

Also, he urged the operators of these vehicles not to put them on the roads if they aren’t in good shape. Also, if vehicles do not have all the necessary documents then they will not be put on the roads.

Furthermore, truck drivers will undergo regularly scheduled checks so as to reduce truck-related accidents. He said that as lawmakers their primary aim is protecting the citizens therefore they have to tackle this issue.

In addition, he mentioned that they were considering using barges to move the containers through the waterways. This way they can be moved to specific areas before being picked by the trucks.

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