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WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy appeared on this week’s episode of the WWE After The Bell podcast with Corey Graves. The Hardy brother would discuss a number of topics on the show, including his want for a potential rematch against former WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar.

Hardy mentioned during the interview with Graves that Brock Lesnar faced Hardy in his debut match on WWE programming. That match took place at Backlash 2002 when Lesnar (accompanied by Paul Heyman) took out Hardy in just over 5 minutes.

“One thing I forgot, I think I was gonna mention this a little bit ago when I did WWE Backstage up in LA” Hardy began on After The Bell. “They asked me about Brock Lesnar and I totally forgot I was this first match in WWE. I totally forgot about that so maybe, yeah, there’s one more thing I would love to do you know? Get my ass kicked by him again, maybe? He’s just intimidating and insanely gifted. To be as successful as he was in the MMA world? It’s just amazing. So yeah that’d be interesting, then maybe, maybe that can be my last match?”

Hardy also mentioned during the interview that he would like the idea of facing The Fiend in a ‘cinematic’ styled match at some point in the future. With Brock Lesnar now seemingly gone for the time being there is a chance that Hardy could be his next opponent for when he returns.

Although not confirmed, it is likely that Lesnar will come back to WWE programming either when live crowds are brought back into arenas, or when there is a show scheduled for a Saudi Arabia date. It may not be his retirement match, but Jeff Hardy vs Brock Lesnar could be a marquee bout for a show over in Saudi Arabia if WWE decides to go down that route.

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