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Today, smartphone increasingly continues to replace a lot of items day by day. It has been able to replace cameras, media players, computers, wallets etc. And soon we could be adding ‘Car key’ to the list of replaced items.

Recently as discovered by 9to5Mac, the beta version of iOS 13.4 for developer contains a “CarKey” API. Both the iPhone and Apple Watch will now be able to Unlock, Lock and even start a car.

Some text found in the API reveals that the function will be contained within the existing Wallet app, and similarly to how Express Transit Cards currently operate. It won’t need to use Face ID to verify the CarKey’s interaction after the initial pairing.

“To use CarKey, hold iPhone or Apple Watch to the reader. It will work automatically, without requiring Face ID. You can change express mode settings in the Wallet.”

What this implies is that you can use your iPhone or Apple Watch to Unlock and start your vehicles even if they have run out of battery.

Google Translate to offer real-time transcription soon.


More information about the amazing feature is that you can share your key to others that have the Apple device and wallet app installed in it. Therefore you have the ability to grant your desired family member or friend access to your car.

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Firstly you need to install the manufacturer’s app into your iPhone device and place your phone on the car’s NFC reader then select the items you wish to integrate the feature within your wallet app. From there, your Apple Watch can be added to it.


Obviously, there is going to be a limitation to this feature as it will work with NFC-compatible cars.

Apple hasn’t officially announced any information about this feature, so we are unable to determine if it will be launched. Although the information contained in the API suggests it is most likely to be launched.

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