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The unfortunately poor performance of iOS 13 was not something we saw coming. Everyone thought it would be great but it proved wrong. With multiple bugs and little fixes, Apple have decided to roll out a new update entirely-the iOS14. The update is rumored to come in the iPhone 12. Apple is quite secretive when it comes to details so here’s what we know so far.

·       iOS14 Release Date.

There have been no official statements from the company regarding the release date. However, we expect Apple to showcase it at the annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). We trust this because the company has been following a repeated pattern for releasing updates.


·       iOS14 Features.

Seeing as the last update was not a fan-favorite, one would expect Apple to try and makeup with newer and better features. Here’s a breakdown of things to come:

New Multitasking Interface:

Currently, switching from one app to another would men swiping through many individual app screens. Well all that’s about to change because the iOS14 lets you see four running apps at once.

Choosing Default Apps:

Since iOS10, Apple has let you delete in-built apps that are pre-installed on iPhones-stuff like Weather, Calculator, Stocks and others. But when it comes to opening links or replying mails, you’re forced to use Safari and the mail app instead of third-party options. Reports say this might change in the future. On iOS14, Apple will let users choose their own default apps for opening links. You might also be able to set a default email client.

 Fresh List View for Apps:

The grid look of the home screen will supposedly be redesigned. Reports say the iOS14 will come with a List view that will allow you to scroll through all your apps. It is expected to have alphabetical tab, recently used tab and notification tab.


Fitness App: The iOS14 is set to come with a fitness app. The app will supposedly allow users to download various workout routines and will work on multiple Apple platforms.


Message Improvements:

On the new OS, we will be able to retract texts whatever the reason may be. Also, we will be able tag other people with @.

5G Support:

The time for faster connectivity has come and Apple wants to join in on the fun current. iOS14 is going to pioneer the era of 5G connectivity in iPhones.


The above are just some of the features we expect to see in the iOS14. Next up are the devices that will support this new update.



Devices that will Support the iOS14.

The good news for users is that iOS14 will supposedly run on iPhone 6 above. Essentially this means that all devices running on the current OS will be eligible for the update.


Hopefully the new update will fare better in the market. For more information about the update, check out Tomsguide. Leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe.

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