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Internet security is a branch in computer which talks about measure taken to ensure transaction are done safely online. With the assistance of this cyber security we don’t encounter Problems. Today  governments are also very concerned About this cyber security.

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Why is internet security so important?
The digital world is a large and very dangerous place. Without cyber security hackers can gain access to your private information’s And misuse them.

What are the Causes of internet insecurity?

Outdated softwares

We should all try our best always to make sure every bit of out softwares are not out dated.  to keep to this cyber security we must constantly update all our softwares. Even if you are using wordpress for your website or using a PC its vital that you keep all wares updates.

Internet security

Not knowing the effects of treat
In the study of internet security most people don’t even know the effect of certain treats to them. Many of them think they are immune from threats. But A simple web browser seems harmless but it can lead to many bad problems on our PC. To resolve this issue we must educate our self about different ways hackers can either steal,destroy or corrupt Out information because knowing the risks. Therefore helping us make better decision About cyber security.

Human Element
Most causes of internet insecurity are caused by we humans. In so many ways we are the reasons at times why we lose our information. As a result of this Hackers go for those who are easy to persuade and this is because we don’t even have any idea on how to ensure cyber security. We should always continue To learn and also make research before taking any step.

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