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Google is always finding new ways to make life easier and better. This led them to develop Google Translate. For all those times when you needed to get any word, sentence or whatever translated. Google Translate is the answer to that. It has significantly broken the language barrier among people of different backgrounds. It has the ability to translate texts in over 100 languages. An instant camera translate feature is also available along with a section for drawing out language symbols. However, it can sometimes be tricky operating such apps. Here’s a guide on How to use Google Translate.

How to use Google Translate

The app is somewhat straightforward to use. On the left column is the language you’re translating from and on the right the language you are translating to. The app uses algorithms to identify your recently used languages thus making it more convenient. Once you have chosen the desired languages, input the word/phrase and watch it translate. The app also offers alternate phrases if it thinks you’ve misspelled. Also, the app can say the translation out loud. This helps when you need the pronunciation.

How to use Google Translate
Google Translate

Camera Translate feature

Incidentally, you can also use your camera to translate texts too. Simply click the camera icon in the app and place it on the desired text and it’ll translate. Bear in mind that an internet connection is needed to do this.
Google translate truly is revolutionary. Now one can be able to communicate with foreigners and also learn new languages if need be. The app also has an offline translate feature. However you will have to download the required language packs first. This app is available for both Android and iOS alike. For more of our posts click here and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any updates from us.



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