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Stuck trying to take a screenshot on a Mac? Well don’t sweat it as there are several methods even for capturing a specific window. Whether you are running the newer Catalina or the older Mojave, these methods produce images that can be used for whatever you need.

Using Commands


This takes a screenshot of the whole screen.


This turns your cursor into a grid-like box that you can drag to select the part of the screen you want to capture.


This calls up a small panel from the bottom of your screen with screen capture options. To exit it, you can just hit escape. There are other options that can allow you to select where you want to save the screenshots to. You can also get a preview of the screenshot before it is saved.


This would take a screenshot of the touchbar (requires a mac with a touchbar and MacOS Sierra 10.12.)

There is also the floating tool bar for Mac just like for the iPhone. This can also be used to take screenshots, just drag it up and use.This can also be turned off if not needed.

All saved screenshots can be located on the desktop with the name: screenshot”date and time”.png as the default.