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Have you forgotten your login password to your PC and would like to reset it without any software and without losing any of your data? Then you’re just at the right place, cause this is what we will be discussing today.

Normally, when you boot your window 7 PC and you arrive at the login page. You’ll be asked to input your login password which “YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN”.

When you look at the bottom left-hand side of the login screen, you’ll see the “Easy Access Button” which we are going to replace it with command prompt. The file for that is located at C:// drive/Windows/System32/utileman. But now you don’t have access to your C:// drive yet cause you don’t know the password to the PC.

NB: this process does not affect any data you’ve saved on your PC, it will only reset the system password. And this post is meant for educational purposes only.

So, below are the steps to carry out this task without login or any software.

  1. Step 1: You’ll have to press the power button of your PC to power it up.
  2. Step 2: While the system is booting, you’ll have to hold down the power button again till it turns off when you see the windows logo.
  3. Step 3: Now you’ll have to power up your system, and by now it should take you to a page where you’ll have the “Launch Startup Repair (recommended)”. Select that and let it do its job till you get a message like an image below (IMAGE 2)
  4. Step 4: Click on “View problem details”, then it the “Privacy Statement“, then it will launch you to a notepad page.(IMAGE 3)
  5. Step 5: Now you’ll have to click on “file” on the menu bar of the notepad then “open” the drop-down list of the File. (IMAGE 4)
  6. Step 6: On the “file type” you’ll have to select “All files” (IMAGE 5)
  7. Step 7: Now open “My Computer/Local Disk (C://)/Windows/System 32” and locate “utileman”
  8. Step 8: You’ll have to then rename the “utileman” to “utileman1(IMAGE 6)
  9. Step 9: Now locate “cmd” on the same folder and rename it to “utileman(IMAGE 7)
  10. Step 10: Close all windows and restart the system.
  11. Step 11: When the system has gotten to the login page, now locate the Easy Access Button at the bottom left side and click on it. A command prompt will pop-up. (IMAGE 8)

NB: Now you’ll have to input the following command codes in the command prompt, without quotes ” “.

  1. Whoami” and it will change directory to admin directory. (IMAGE 9)
  2. “net user” then press enter, you’ll see a page like this. (IMAGE 10)

NB: Now your PC account name should appear around this area of the command prompt. (IMAGE 11)

    1. “net user “account name” * then press enter, make sure your account name does not have “” (IMAGE 12)
    2. Now you’ll have to press the enter key twice.
    3. Now you’ll just have to close the command prompt and click on the “login button”. (IMAGE 13)

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