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How To Repair a Damaged SD Card

In the new age, portable storage devices such as the SD card have become quite popular among people. They are used in phones, cameras and even video cameras. An SD card gives you the chance to carry your data & information everywhere you go. However all things are prone to damage and if you’re reading this then you most likely have a damaged SD card. There are many factors that can damage an SD card and some of them are:


Causes of a Damaged SD Card

  1. Physical damage.
  2. Improper ejection of the SD card.
  3. Presence of virus(es).
  4. Removal of SD card in the middle of a file transfer.


The above are just a few out of many things that could damage your SD card. Next I will show you how to repair a damaged SD card.

      Method 1: Using Command Prompt

  • Connect the damaged SD card to a computer.
  • Go to “My Computer” or “This PC” (name varies on different computers).
  • Locate the SD card under “devices and drivers” and take note of its drive letter. For instance the drive letter can be ‘h’.
  • Run command prompt and type the command “chds h:/r” where h stands for the drive letter of the SD card.
How to repair a damaged SD card
Command prompt illustration

The above command will scan the disk and fix any issues found in it. After the process completes, your SD card should be ready to go. Alternatively you can also try the next method.

   Method 2: Changing The Drive Letter

Sometimes the SD card might not be corrupt. Rather the drive letter is the issue and as such you will need to change it.

  • Open Disk Management by pressing Win + X.
  • Locate and right-click the SD card and then select “Change drive letter and path”.
  • Click Add and choose a new drive letter. Save changes.

This should get your card up and running again. If you lack technical know-how or the methods don’t work for you, you can go ahead to try out third party applications. A good example is EaseUS.



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