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Facebook is a social media platform that connects millions of poeple. It allows you to share pictures, events and chat too. It is this wide array of features that has made it so popular. Signing up only requires a few personal details and an email/mobile number. Facebook uses this email/number to  send you push notification. However, if you’re like me constant notifications about messages, or events can be annoying. That is why I have made this easy guide on how to opt out of facebook notifications.

How to Opt out of Facebook Notifications

Using the Facebook app, click on the button at the top right corner.

  • Click on settings.
  • Select the notifications option.
  • There should be a category name “Where to you receive notifications “.
  • From here select the desired path and disable it.

How to opt out of Facebook notifications Screenshot 20200126 190449

There you have, now you know how to opt out of notifications. If you’re still unclear, visit the facebook help desk.

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