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How to manage your data subscription

Welcome to the modern age where data truly is life. Think about it, this era revolves around it. Technology has rooted itself into all aspects of our daily lives. As such it is unavoidable. However, data can be somewhat expensive and as such you will definitely like to make the most of it. That can be tricky though, so here’s how to manage your data subscription.

Tips on How to manage your data subscription


Keep track of your Consumption.

This is the easiest way to manage your subscription. When you’re vigilant about this you won’t go overboard. Most phones have a data usage section so you can use that to find out. You can also contact your service provider for that information.

Turn off Auto updates.

Your app store most definitely has apps set to update automatically. This will, in turn, use your data for these updates. Now imagine if you have 36 apps. The data used will be massive. Turn off auto-updates, that way more data is saved.

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Stream only on Wi-Fi.

Even though the temptation might be great, do not stream using your mobile data. Streaming involves much data and is a task best suited for Wi-Fi only. Avoid streaming using your mobile data and watch your consumption reduce. It would be better off you download whatever videos you wish to watch.

Connect to available Wi-Fi.

If you ever have Wi-Fi available, connect to it. Wi-Fi from restaurants, cafes, a workplace or a computer center. This way you preserve your data subscription for later.

Turn off Background data.


Certain apps use more data in the background than in the foreground. Turn off the background data settings when an app isn’t performing any background activities. With this feature off, your data won’t be drained while the apps are running in the background.

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Use Data Saving Apps.

These are apps that help you control your data. They are able to restrict apps from using your data. In addition to that, you can also see your data usage authority with them. A good example is DataEye.

With these few tips, you’ll definitely have more control over your data subscription. For more of our posts click here.



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