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How to Download Videos from YouTube for free.

In this post, I am going to be showing you how you can download videos from youtube for free without the use of any software or app very fast.

All you just need is your web browser Chrome, Firefox, etc and follow the instructions below.


  • Firstly, when you want to download youtube videoes, Go to the Youtube website and search for any video you want to watch.

Screenshot 43

  • From the search results click on the Youtube video you want to watch.

Screenshot 47

  • Thirdly, while the video is playing, go to the address bar above and add “ss” before the youtube. In the address bar then press enter.

download videos from youtube

  • Finally, you will be redirected to a page “” and you will see the youtube video you want to download.

download videos from youtube

At this point, all you need to do is select the video resolution you want and download the video into your storage device. 

That’s all.

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