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Are you looking for ways to bypass the ₦65 bank charges when making a transfer, especially to a different bank from yours?. In this post, I will be showing you how to you can make bank transfers without experiencing any bank charges with an Andriod application called Opay.

OPay is a payment platform brought to us by Opers Software that enables us to shop and pay for services and products.

OPay is currently available as an android application and allows fast, easy, and secure payment including money transfers.

It supports card payments with Mastercard and Visa, as well as transfers from banking apps.

OPay is a subsidiary of Opera Software, the maker of Opera Mini.

Offered Services

OPay offers a lot of services like buying data, paying for Utility services e.g Electricity.

They also offer cheap transport services that allow users to order for a Taxi or Cab and buying airtime at a cheaper rate.

How to Bypass bank transfer charges.

To bypass bank transfer charges, al you need to do is install the Opay application to your android device.

Install the Opay app Here and create an account.

bypass bank charges

After going through all the registration processes all you need to do is deposit cash from your bank account to your Opay mobile app.

How to Deposit money into Opay app

Click Add Money.

WhatsApp Image 2020 02 27 at 00.36.51

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Select your Card Top-up or any means by with you can deposit money into the app

WhatsApp Image 2020 02 27 at 00.36.51 1

Fill in your card details correctly with the amount you want to deposit and click Add money

WhatsApp Image 2020 02 27 at 00.36.51 2

You will receive an OTP code via email or SMS to confirm and verify your transaction.

How to Transfer money to make a bank transfer on Opay with zero bank charges.

Click on Transfer.

WhatsApp Image 2020 02 27 at 00.46.21

Click on Transfer to Bank.

WhatsApp Image 2020 02 27 at 00.49.40

Select the Recipient Bank and Account Number with the amount you want to transfer.

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WhatsApp Image 2020 02 27 at 00.46.24 1  byPass Bank charges during Transfers.

Click on Transfer after filling the necessary information to make the transfer.

The Recipients’ name is supposed to appear before you confirm your transfer.

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