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Being a publisher myself self I respect ads from websites and apps as long as they are limited and do not popup now and then. 

However, some publishers don’t understand how annoying random popup ads can be.

To add to this, it could annoy you a lot more when they just show up on your phone and you don’t even know which app is causing it.

But not to worry because I will be showing you how to set your phone free from those Popup Ads by supporting and getting rid of them.

The very first thing that you should do when you start seeing those popup ads is, look for the apps you installed recently or in some cases the apps might show up on your phone’s screen recent menu.

All you have to do is simply uninstall the apps and check if the ads will go away.

However if things are not fixed and you can still see the ads, the next thing you do is look for apps without an icon.

Simply go to Settings >> Application manager and under installed apps look for apps without icons. Sometimes the icon is there but it has no name. If you get hold of this type of apps, go ahead and uninstall it.

Another way to find the apps causing the popup ads is by using the Playstore.

In Playstore, you will be checking the last used apps that is throwing popup ads which will be easier to find.

Just launch your play store and tap on the three-bar icon at the top and select My Apps and Games.

How to block on popup ads on Android.How to block on popup ads on Android.

Now head over to installed apps, and tap on the sort mode icon to click on the last used apps.


This one showing ads will be among the first few to be precise. However, this will online work if you have installed the apps from Playstore and not from the web.

If none of these solutions work out for you, then you can finally install an ad detector app.

How to block on popup ads on Android.

You can either install AppWatch or AppBrain and Detector and they will inform you about the app bordering you with ads.

How to block on popup ads on Android.

Just activate the Ads Detector and you will be able to see the problematic app.How to block on popup ads on Android.

After detecting the apps causing the annoying popup ads, you can simply go ahead and uninstall it right away.

I hope all the methods given has helped you in finding all the apps that were causing all that trouble.

Usually, there are the simplest ones like the touch app, browser, game or an app related to ringtones and wallpaper.

Also, check them first especially if you are installing from unknown sources.

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