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Ever wondered what that plastic thing with metal contacts … yes, a SIM  does in your device. In a real sense, it doesn’t do that much and more or less it is a memory card. What does the major work about connectivity is the modem. The modem what connects to mobile networks, the SIM just provides authentication, identification and acts as storage for the SIM settings, contacts and messages. Let’s go further into details;

What Are SIMs??

SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module, and it works as a unique ID. This ID lets you connect to your mobile network provider(ISP) and also make calls.

sim cards sizes

SIM cards originally came in different sizes, with sizes starting from the size of a credit card to currently the size of a small bead. The SIM card is basically a memory chip and it stores all the data needed to connect to a mobile network. The unique ID in a SIM is called IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) and is used to connect someone calling your mobile number to your phone, and not to another person’s phone.

sim card

SIMs also store contacts number and info so transferring a SIM between phones also moves the contacts. A SIM card has enough memory to store up to 250 contacts, some text messages and other information that the service provider uses. SIMs are a great deal of improvement over previous technologies and as they reduce in size, they make Mobile Phones more mobile.

SIMs are a great way for information exchange, sadly they can’t do everything. If a SIM gets misplaced, it takes a lot to get a replacement and it involves giving out your data to the mobile network operator(for those who are paranoid).

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