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Coronavirus is very deadly and it is causing serious fear globally today. Opportunistic Cybercriminals are using this opportunity to send out malware-laden emails to supposedly offer guidance.

Security firms have detected the latest threat that is being sent in multiple email campaigns to lure victims into opening infected messages.

Confirm cases of the coronavirus have risen to nearly 7,000 worldwide, and China is believed to have a majority of these cases leading to at least 170 deaths.

The very first major Email campaign targeted victims in Japan including the major population centers of Gifu, Osaka, and Tottori as detected by IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence.

The Emails are disguised as preventive measures against the deadly coronavirus from public health centers with attachments included to it. The attachment comes in the form of Microsoft Word documents but it contains malicious payloads links that could extract user’s credentials, browser history, and sensitive document.

The malicious file attachments come in disguise of different file formats pdf, mp4, Docx files, with names that imply that they contained video instructions on how to protect yourself from the virus, updates on the threat and even virus detection procedures.

But these files aren’t what they look like. They contain very powerful threats like Trojans and Worms which are powerful enough to block, modify, copy data and also interrupt the operation of computers or computer networks.

The coronavirus which a deadly virus that is being feared worldwide is now being used as bait by cybercriminals to attack thousands of people worldwide using email campaigns.

Only 10 unique files have been discovered so far and the tendency of it increasing is very high since the world is more of a global village today.

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