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Ever tried to make your own game but didn’t know how? Games are a good way to let off stress and sometimes we wish we could make our own games, but how? The process of making a game depends on how you want the game to be.

Realtime games, however, are really difficult to make and they usually require large teams of developers, artists, and programmers. In short, you won’t be making your version of GTA5 anytime soon. To make games, one has to have a basic knowledge of programming, physics & maths and also logic! There are special applications that have been made to reduce the stress of game development and they are called Game Engines.

What Are Game Engines?

These are the software frameworks and structures that games are built on. They mostly handle all the maths, physics and sometimes even the logic of games! They even handle the sound and everything related to the game. All you have to do is just to add the game objects/actors, code some stuff and add logic. There are even some game engines that don’t require code to make a game.

Check out this video about Game engines

gaming engines

When it comes to coding with these engines, there is a  variety of programming languages that can be used. Ranging from C++ to Javascript. There are some engines that can use multiple languages to create games. Some popular engines are listed below with their features and the languages used;

  1. Unreal Engine (3D/2D, C++)
  2. Unity (3D/2D, C#, Javascript)
  3. Godot (3D/2D, GDScript, C#)
  4. GameMaker (2D, GML)
  5. Buildbox (3D, 2D, Javascript)

There are some others that include:

  • Cryengine
  • Libgdx
  • Lumberyard
  • UrhoSharp
  • Pygame
  • GameSalad

And the list goes on … as there are different engines for different platforms/operating systems and

Making Games Without A Game Engine

There is also the option of coding a game from scratch for those who are ready and have the skills to do it. This option is the hardest and it requires a lot of people with experience and skill. This is what most companies use in real-time, they make their own engines from scratch and use it to make games.

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When making an engine from scratch, graphics libraries such as OpenGL, Vulkan, DirectX, Forge, and others are used to create a game engine according to the company’s taste and it is then used to create a final game. This sounds kind of complex and it is, so I’ll recommend that a game engine is used.

Got a question about making games and using game engines? Wanna create your own game and share it with us? Let us know in the comments.



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