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It is barely a week since the Federal Government in Lagos State ordered the lockdown and stay at home directives and hooligans have increased the rate at which they operate n Oshodi.

Ever since the lockdown was taken into effect, there have been serious attacks on people from street boy suspected to be cult members.

The Guardian reported yesterday, to be witnesses the activities of the hoodlums, who are within the age range of 15 and 25 when they waylaid passersby to assault and extort money from them.

A victim narrated how he was confronted saying that they starting with begging him and told him to freely give part of the money in order not to be harassed. He further said that ignoring the hooligan’s request will not only cause ou being assaulted but your money, phones, and any other value will be snatched from you.

He said he was very lucky to have bail himself with N500 before they could harass him.




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