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Something intriguing has been detected in Google’s latest phone app and has revealed more information concerning the unannounced call recording feature 9to5Google reports.

The most interesting thing about this is that a code snippet of this forthcoming phone app reveals it is likely to support call transcription, which would be similar to the recorder app that the company used on Pixel 4.

Furthermore, we have also gotten a heads up of Google’s Attempts to overcome the “Security and Privacy Implications” that may serve as prevention to including the call recording on Andriod 10. Also, the upcoming update suggests that you will be warned by the App to adhere to the local laws while using the feature as it will play a short audio clip to warn participants during call recording.

We aren’t certain as to when this new functionality will be launched. All we know is a massive update like this feels like a prime candidate for one of the new Upcoming Features” Google is working on for its Pixel Mobile device android One, and Xiaomi’s European smartphones.




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