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Google Translate will be offering a new feature that would be able to translate spoken words in different languages. The new feature transcribes words in real-time and saves the result of a handy text file that can be used.

Real-time transcription is currently at its prototype stage, although google has informed us that the new feature would start rolling out soon enough for Android phones later this year.

As The Verge reports, the feature is definitely going to need an internet connection when it is rolled out, due to the increased processing power needed to offer multilingual translation together with real-time text rendering. The app also has to interpret the cadence of speech and any pauses, and add punctuation as appropriate.

This means that when roaming it, you need to be careful to avoid consumption of a huge amount of data bill. It is also useful for Lectures and Conferences purposes, which occurs at places with Wi-Fi dependable connections.

To use the real-time transcription, Google Translate will specifically work with live spoken words captured through your phone’s microphone, therefore it will be unable to transcribe pre-recorded audio files. Although it may be added to one of its features in the future to come.





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