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In this our 21ST Century, their many things you can do with your smartphone and be making cool cash Rather than just to subscribe For chatting and viewing images without anything in return.

We have forex trade, Google Admob, and lots more all you need to do is ensure you have a smartphone and a good internet connection. With these two things, you are Good to Go. Google AdMob is not just and earning platform But it’s for developers.

The summary of the whole Google Admob thing goes like this

We all know what Google is right? Admob here means. Advertisement for mobile.  Google AdMob

1. Big companies like banks and institutions pay to google Admob to advertise their businesses and google on the other hands achieves that purpose by putting those adverts in your app and when they (google) place those adverts on your app whenever anybody clicks on that advert placed there by Google, you get paid.

2. Your earnings are determined by the number of clicks you get and from the country that months

3. At the end of the month like 21st of every month, Google will transfer your money to your local bank account

4. Google AdMob does not permit you to click on your advert your self that’s the more reason your app needs to be on play store. With a very high number of install

Next big question might be whats the requirement to go into Google AdMob

  • You need to be a developer
  • You need
  • A google console account
  • Active internet connection
  • A Good pc

How do we register on Google AdMob?

Step by Step on how to create your Google AdMob account

  • Click Admob
  • Sign up with a valid Gmail account
  • Choose your country and currency
  • Mark all field yes in the next page
  • You will be asked to specify if your app has been uploaded on the play store.
  • Provide the necessary App information.

How to receive your payment from Google AdMob

Google Admob makes payment every 21st of each month and before you can be eligible for payment,

  • The address you provided for Google must have been verified.
  • Verification of your account starts immediately your earning hits $10.

Google will send your verification PIN to your home address, and this PIN is expected to get to you within 2-4 weeks.

The pin contains codes that you are expected to enter in your dashboard. After this, you are eligible to receive your earnings from Google.Google admob

Also, if your earnings do not reach $100 before the 21st of each month, then your withdrawal is shifted to the following month.

Also, it’s kinda similar to Google Adsense. 

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