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Former WWE superstar and World Champion, Alberto Del Rio was arrested on Sunday for allegedly raping a woman and threatening her child.

Reports coming for WOAI, saying a woman reportedly presented the authorities with photographs and graphic proves of alleged beating and sexual assault and said, Alberto Del Rio was the culprit as he had assaulted her on several occasions.

The woman also reported Del Rio threatened to take her son and drop him in the middle of the road somewhere.

Apart from that, there was also an incident that occurred May 3, in Which Alberto accused the woman of not being faithful and reportedly slapped her across the head when she wouldn’t admit any infidelity, the report said.

In the report, the woman alleged that Del Rio then told her to put on a dress and dance for him and threatened her with abandoning her son if she cried. Del Rio then allegedly tied the woman’s hands with boxing straps, put a sock in her mouth and sexually assaulted her for hours.

There were reportedly visible injuries from punches to her back.


Del Rio, 42, whose real name is Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan was taken into custody on Sunday at the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office in San Antonio, where he later posted a $50,000 bond.


The WWE alum was charged with felony sexual assault in the May 3 incident, according to a police affidavit.


Del Rio, who also wrestled under the name Alberto El Patrón, competed on the WWE’s main roster from 2010 until 2014. He took on notable names including John Cena, Batista and Roman Reigns.



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