Former Middlesbrough star Richard Kell switches career after injury to become Pilot

A former English professional footballer who played as a midfielder, Richard Kell was once of those who had a very shout short football career due to injury.

But Richard Kell did not just count himself out as his dived into the aviation.

Richard Kell was an ex-footballer trained and successfully became a licensed airline captain for commercial airline Jet2.

He was a very promising talent as he retired at a very young age of 27 due to leg injury.

For many, it would likely lead to some form of depression as a lot of players solely rely on their feet to earn quite a living.

But that wasn’t the case for Richard Kell as he had a backup plan in mind.

According to Sunsport Richard has had the zeal for learning how to fly planes when he was recovering from his injury back in 2001-2004

And now he is presently a licensed airline captain for commercial airline Jet2.

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