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Sometimes certain things can happen to your phone that would require you to format it. Formatting simply means wiping a phone i.e removing all its data. Now you might be wondering why you’d ever want to format your phone. Here are some reasons why:

Reasons To Format

  1. If you ever forget your password,  a data wipe would be recommended to gain access.
  2. Some bugs tend to be reoccurring thus bringing the need for a format.
  3. In the event that you wish to sell your phone, you might need to format it first.

Having looked at the reasons for formatting, I will now show you how to format a phone

Method 1: Using the Settings

Step 1: Go to “settings”.

Step 2: Click the “Backup and Reset” option and next to the “Factory Data Reset”. This will in turn format your device.


Method 2

This method is used usually when your phone is inaccessible. For instance, when your device cannot be turned on.

Step 1: Boot your phone into recovery mode. Do this by holding the volume up/down key and the power button simultaneously. Click here to find out your device’s specific recovery mode method.

Step 2: Navigate the options using the volume buttons and select the Factory reset using the power button.

After following any of the above methods, your device will be good as new. In addition to that, any previous issues/bugs would be eliminated.

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