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The Coronavirus is increasingly disrupting industries in China. Here are Five gadgets affected by the viral Coronavirus outbreak.

Oculus Quest

Gadgets affect by Coronavirus

Facebook says the Coronavirus will impact the production of Oculus Quest. The VR headset is made in china.

It has already sold out in some regions as Facebook has told workers to pause nonessential travel to mainland China. It also asked those who have been to the country to work from home.

Nintendo Switch

Gadgets affect by Coronavirus

The shipment of the Nintendo switch is also delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Accessories like the Joy-Con are also affected.

There’s also a delay for the Nintendo Switch port of the Outer Worlds i.e the supply to other regions is dropping drastically.

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Game publisher Private Division says the Coronavirus has also been affecting one of its teams.

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Apple AirPods

Gadgets affect by Coronavirus

You might want to be careful not to lose your AirPod these days. Component of the wireless earbuds is reportedly in short supply. Apple hasn’t confirmed the disruption but most AirPods are ordinarily made in China.

Analyst says iPhone production could also be affected due to the Coronavirus.


Gadgets affect by Coronavirus

Smartphones are not left out as they may also face a shortage in supply as well. Asus has warned about a shortage of ROG II. Xiaomi also says its Redmi series may also run low.

Firms that rely on components from Hubei province are going to suffer the worst hit. Even Lenovo is not left out.

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Tesla Model 3

Gadgets affect by Coronavirus

It might be a gadget like the rest in the traditional sense. But Tesla cars are also getting hit by the outbreak of Conoravirus.

China has ordered Tesla to shut down its Shanghai factory last month. The company seems unfazed though.

It’s offering free charging to drivers in China during the outbreak.



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